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How to be a '90s Gamer

The 90s were a simpler time – there was no wifi, phones were dumb, instead of DLC you bought strategy guides, and if you wanted to play a game that you didn't own you could go down the street and rent it. In How to be a 90s Gamer we travel back in time to this glorious decade and teach you the ins and outs of being a video gamer. Caution: may induce severe nostalgia. 

1. Get a console:

How to be a '90s Gamer

The single greatest moment of your childhood.


2. Get accessorized:

How to be a '90s Gamer

Super Scope, handy carrying cases, printers, the list is endless...


3. Learn how to fix any game:

How to be a '90s Gamer

 Get used to doing this, a lot.


4. Have a gaming sleepover:

How to be a '90s Gamer

Candy, pop, cheat codes, and strategy guides are required.


5. Make trades:

How to be a '90s Gamer

 Usually best done on the playground a.k.a. Wall Street for children. 


6. Overcome water level anxiety:

How to be a '90s Gamer

If you didn't have a fear of drowning before, you do now.


7. Argue over the best console:

How to be a '90s Gamer

Let's be honest, they were all good. Except for the N64, which was the superior system.


8. Rent games from the store:

How to be a '90s Gamer

R.I.P. Blockbuster, Rogers Video, and all the rest.


9. Player one always gets the best controller:

How to be a '90s Gamer

Player two had no chance of winning, especially using one of those Mad Catz controllers. 


10. Friday nights are for partying:  

How to be a '90s Gamer

LAN parties: where boys became men. Bonus points for getting creative with computer set up transportation.


11. Run up your parent's electric bill:

How to be a '90s Gamer

Hey, it could be worse right? You could be outside getting addicted to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes.


12. Stay up past your bedtime: 

How to be a '90s Gamer

There will be plenty of time for sleep during your sixth grade math class.


13. Discover girls:

How to be a '90s Gamer

64-bit graphics + raging hormones – be still my beating heart!


14. Win at all costs: 

How to be a '90s Gamer

Pain is temporary, glory is forever!



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