Do you ship worldwide?

You bet we do! However, depending on where you live and what you order, you may be charged import fees and taxes. We recommend checking your country’s policies before ordering to see what fees and taxes could apply. 

How do I pay in my country's currency?

If our prices haven't automatically changed to your country's currency, you can change the currency under a drop down menu located in the navigation bar


Our checkout is often displayed in Canadian Dollars (CAD). No stress! You will be charged with your country's currency at the accurate rate. 

Where is my tracking number?

If you haven't received any tracking information within 1-2 days of making a purchase, you likely selected Canada Post Small Packet as your shipping method, which is untracked. Once a Canada Post Small Packet package has been shipped, we are unable to confirm its location. Untracked shipments to Europe & Australia and other overseas locations often take longer than Canada Post's estimated ship times. For more shipping information, read our shipping policy. 

If you are still unsure which shipping method you selected, feel free to contact us. We can confirm which shipping method you selected and when it was shipped. 

The Shop app isn't giving me any tracking information?

If the Shop app is not providing any tracking information, it is likely because you purchased anuntracked shipping option. Shop is incompatible with untracked shipping. 

It has been a while, where is my order?

If you have purchased an untracked package (Canada Post Small Packet), unfortunately we are unable to locate it once it has been shipped. 

Our advice:

  • Double check that the address you provided is correct.
  • Try getting in touch with your local post office(s) and ask if they have a package held for you. Sometimes international shipments are put on hold without notice.
  • Wait a liiiittle longer. We can't count the number of times a customer asks where their package is and then it shows up later that day! 
  • If all else fails, contact us. We'll make sure you get your goods!
Can I exchange my purchase?

We are happy to take returns, but we cannot do exchanges at this time. 

We can do returns within 10 days of you receiving your purchase. Customers are responsible for paying for shipping on the return. Once we receive the return and verify the condition of the product(s) we will issue the refund. Following your refund, you may repurchase the correct size/product. 

If you would like to exchange due to damaged product, please contact us with a description and photo of the damage and we will do our best to make it right. 

Read more here

How do I get my Digital Download?

We recommend getting your digital downloads on a computer rather than a phone. Phones don't know what to do with a .zip file, so you may face a lot of extra steps. 

If you're still having trouble getting your download on a computer:

  • Make sure you have a stable internet connection
  • Double check you entered the correct email address 
  • Refresh the checkout page 

Once you have received your downloads from your email attachment or computer's downloads folder, unzip the file by double clicking it. 

You will now have 2 iPhone wallpapers. Select the size that fits your phone, and send the iPhone wallpaper to your phone. (Apple: Airdrop, iMessage, Email | Windows: WhatsApp, Windows File Transfer, USB, Email)


What does IFHT stand for?

I Fought Huge Trees? Internationally Filming Happy Tigers? Nope. IFHT stands for I F*cking Hate That. Funny story, when we first started this whole video thing way back in 2009 we had the wild idea to make each video about things we hated. That lasted about ten videos before we realized how limiting and negative that was. We’re generally happy folk, so we rebranded to IFHT and started making videos about anything and everything.

Where are you based?

We’re lucky enough to live in Vancouver, BC! Don’t come here though – the people are mean, all the food sucks, and there’s nothing to do.

Can I have free stickers?

Well aren't you a cheeky son-of-a-gun, eh? The easiest way to score free stickers is by subscribing to our newsletter, where we give away free stickers to one reader twice a month.  We also do plenty of giveaways through our videos and social feeds so make sure you’re following us and you could get lucky and win yourself some prizes! 


Will you make me a video?

We have our hands quite full producing YouTube videos for the interwebs! But it never hurts to ask. Serious business inquiries regarding film production can be sent to hello (at) ifht (dot) tv. Learn more about our film production company at https://www.ifhtfilms.com/

How much does a music video cost?

Music video inquiries can be sent to Matt Dennison on Instagram @mattdennisontv


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