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Skiing Is Easy

I've never been much of a winter person. In fact, I've always hated winter. It's cold, it's wet and most of the time, the bike stays in the shed. Aside from soggy socks and sloppy dirt jumps, I tend to go a little stir crazy. In an effort to avoid cabin fever, I decided to go full-send and buy my first pair of skis.

Skiing Mount Seymour

Although I've never owned a pair of skis, I'm not exactly a stranger to the bunny hill. I've been snowboarding a few times and skiing once. After digging the toe edge of my board into the snow and face planting into the pow one too many times, I discovered that I much preferred standing forwards on a pair of skis.

Matt Skiing We Need More Roost

Wait, what? He made a video called How to be a Skier but doesn't even ski?

You caught me. I am a fraud. I am a big fat phony.

You can also call me a proud jerry. I've been excited to dive head first (not literally) into the world of skiing . There's nothing more thrilling than the adrenaline rush of learning a new sport. I love the challenge of coordinating your mind and body, breaking natural habits and finding balance.

I Only Ride Park Thuggie

All I remember from my last time skiing is tired legs and finding out how hard it is to escape a tree well. This time around, I made the effort to apply what I've learned from mountain bikes:

  1. Look where you want to go
  2. Relax and trust in your ability 
  3. Commit or eat shit

If you wish, you can apply those points to all aspects of your life.


Mount Seymour Blunt Grab

Although I've made drastic improvements in my ability to send, I still have a long way to go. Luckily, BC is getting hammered with snow so it doesn't look like the season will be ending anytime soon. I'm stoked to find out where these two planks take me. 

Winter is growing on me.



- Matt


Sick Rides, Good Vibes