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Steep Rock Rolls in Squamish

We've driven through Squamish for years. It's where we fuel up our vehicles and bodies before driving the rest of the way to Whistler. However, in more recent years Squamish's trail scene has exploded. With everything from flowy jump trails to near vertical rock faces Squamish's trail network easily rivals that of the North Shore. We decided it was high time that we treated Squamish as a destination rather than a pit stop so we packed up our bikes and cameras and hit the road. All of us had a blast riding down some seriously steep rock slabs and reading a bunch of fan mail that you guys sent in. We want to continue reading your messages so keep them coming! We only scratched the surface of what Squamish has to offer and we will definitely be back this summer for more.

Jumps or rock rolls? Leave a comment below for a chance to win stickers!

Congratulations to Robert Laughlin who won himself a pack of stickers for dropping a comment on our last blog!


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