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It's amazing what you can find out in nature when you take the time to stop and look around, which is exactly what our good friends Jess Findlay and Connor Stefanison do for a living. We were all brought together by our passion for mountain biking when we were young and while we don't ride together as much as we used to, we have always wanted to team up with Jess and Connor on a trip to follow them while they do their thing. We brought some bikes, they brought some cameras and together we headed out into the backcountry in search of wildlife. The Southern Chilcotin Mountains are a remote area full of stunning landscapes, trails, and wildlife making them the perfect area for this trip. Check out the photos below for a behind the scenes look into our trip.

Jess and Connor; masters behind the lens and shredders behind the bars. 

Matt and Jason; bear bait.

Our weapons of choice for this trip--the Trek Powerfly FS 7 Plus.

If you make it all the way to this backcountry cabin, there'll a pack of stickers waiting for you.

1918 or 2018?

Follow the trail and you will be rewarded.

But first a quick drone flight and a tan session.

Staying hydrated is key and it just so happens we make water bottles that help you do just that.

No bears this time but we did see a handful of Grouse that were more than happy to show off for Jess and Connor's lenses. 


This deer was far less willing to pose and instead showed us his butt before bounding into the woods... rude.

The tools that make it all happen.

Gotta get that crucial low angle.

Not the worst view to have while changing a flat tire.

High-tech and low-tech. 

The Tyax Lodge had all the amenities we needed during our stay, including the always essential bike wash station.
To learn more about the bikes that took us up, down, and around these mountains check them out here.

Additional photography by Jess Findlay and Connor Stefanison.

Sick Rides, Good Vibes