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We ended summer with a bang by travelling east to the motherland of poutine, otherwise known as Quebec. In between stuffing our faces with cheese and gravy covered french fries we explored the trail centres just outside of Quebec City. Our minds were blown by how diverse each place was and how close they all were to the city. We came for the poutine, but we stayed for the diverse and technical trails. Check out some behind the scenes photos from our trip below!


I guess you could say we're pretty light packers. 


Our first stop was Mont-Sainte-Anne and we were all stoked to hit the trails for the first time.


But first, a small jib session to warm up.




Left: They got signs for everything! Right: Guess they work, no dog poop here.


You never know what you might find in the woods of MSA.


Matt gettin' the nugs in the green room. 



We're all about healthy eating here and after a big ride nothing fills you up like fries, cheese, and gravy.


 Antoine Caron joined us as a guest filmer for the week and killed it. He wasted no time getting his feet wet.



Stacking that dad cam footy ain't easy.  


Where's the drone? Oh wait, I see it. Yeah, I think you're good... probably won't hit anything.


Left: The boys gearing up for another day on the trails. Right: A surprise guest star. 


The main workhorse of the trip. 


Make no mistake, there's gnar to be found in Quebec. 


The final trail we rode was absolutely incredible. It was hard to focus on your line while riding beside a massive raging waterfall.


 Bikes can take you to some pretty incredible places. Until next time, Quebec.





Sick Rides, Good Vibes