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    Videos — Wheel Of Gnar

    They Said Andrew Cho Would Never Walk Again | Wheel of Gnar

    Andrew Cho is a former pro mountain biker and most recently, a former quadriplegic. Andrew opens up about his sudden spinal cord injury that changed his life on January 6th 2017. Against all the odds the doctors gave him, less than 2 years later he is back on 2 feet and shredding gnar with us. “The best worst experience”, as Andrew put it.


    How Fabio Wibmer Overcomes Fear | Wheel of Gnar

    Fabio Wibmer, Austria's 2nd biggest export, Pro Mountain Biker and Youtube content creator. On this episode of Wheel of Gnar Fabio talks about his come up, overcoming fear, and respecting the send. Sending it so hard he breaks our wheel.

    The Claw and the 10% Rule | Wheel of Gnar

    Darren Berrecloth also known as "The Claw" is a freeride mountain bike legend. From drinking at competitions to his Alkaline diet, he takes us back to simpler times where you were to obey the 10% rule.

    Blake Samson's Rise to YouTube Stardom | Wheel of Gnar

    Blake Samson is a pro free rider turned creator & presenter for the GMBN YouTube channel. Blake stopped by the Wheel of Gnar to talk about his days competing in slopestyle contests, his pursuit of creativity, and how he recharges his brain batteries to maintain his fresh outlook on life.